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        Business Scope
        Air Specials


        1、CZ special offer, please contact Liping Zhang 33901700*123 33901725 13524152996
        2、CK/BR is in demanding of goods to TPE with competitive price. For heavy goods, please contact:
        Ya Wang 33901700*109 33901703 15601617823 Liping Gu 33901700*104/204 33901702 13601726338
        3、VN CX BR offers favourable price sustainably,please contact below PIC for large goods:Liping Gu 33901700*104/204 33901702 13601726338
        Headquaters: F8/F,G,H, Jinghong Tower, No.508 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai China   Tel: 86-21-64412433
        Pudong Office: ZHONG TAI office building, row 4, row 5, second supervised storage area, no. 1279, HangCheng Road, PuDong new area   Tel: 86-21-33901700
        Airexport Warehouse: Zhong Tai (SZT) Warehouse, Zone A, General Cargo Area, No.180 Ji Chang Avenue, Ji Chang Town, Pu Dong, Shanghai Tel: 86-21-33789083 33789084 Fax:86-21-50178910
        Air Import Warehouse: No.1003 Yi, Logistics Second Supervised Warehouse, No. 1279 Hang Cheng Road, Pu Dong, Shanghai   Tel: 86-21-68354211
        Shanghai ICP for 05014683   Copyright: Shanghai Zhongtai International Freight Forwarding Co.,Ltd     Powered by : cn7080


        • 鄭常春 :點擊我吧
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        • 金 晶 :點擊我吧
        • 王瀚凝 :點擊我吧


        • 金耀清 :點擊我吧
        • 朱嘉俊 :點擊我吧
        • 張徐永 :點擊我吧
        Whole-hearted service