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        VAT Levy Notice
        Release people:管理員 Release time:2013/9/2 Click:1514

        Dear Customers,

        According to the new tax policy announced by the Ministry of Finance with effective date from 1st Aug 2013 that the freight invoice can’t be used as VAT deduction, so our company will turn in VAT based on full freight ge. We will do some adjustments in line with this new policy:

        1.From 1st Aug, add on 6%VAT on quotation price.

        2.SZT will settle all billing occurred before 31st July. For any invoice issued after 31st July due to customer’s problem or at the request of the customer, we will add on 6%VAT in addition.

        Thank you for cooperation and well understanding.

        SZT engaged in providing the best service to all the customers, appreciate your consistent support!

        With high respect!

        Shanghai Zhongtai International Freight Forwarding Co.,Ltd

        22th July 2013

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