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    New Regulation on CZ’s bonded shipments
    Release people:管理員 Release time:2013/9/2 Click:1583

    Notice for new CZ bonded cargo handling process

    Dear customers,

    Informed by Pudong customs that they will apply a new clearance mode for transit goods from 1st April 2013. New process details described as below for your reference.

    1. SZT take in ge of bonded trucking loading at our warehouse in advance, then transported to our bonded warehouse.

    2. Send file to customs and print out after the bonded truck get into the bonded warehouse.

    3. Process formal entry with waybill and declaration documents. SZT seal the cargo as per customs information after declaration finished, and hand over cargo to YuanHang Logistics.

    SZT will adjust document cut-off time for CZ transit cargo as below:

    1. Cut-off time for both document and cargo, every 16:00. All the cargoes arrived before our cut-off time will be handled together from 16:00, including the examination of documents and the ution of waybill. We’ll arrange trucking and declaration documents the same day evening, then hand over to customs the next day morning 09:00. Cargoes will be loaded on the PVG-CAN flight CZ3572 after sealing in bonded warehouse.

    2. For late arriving document and cargo, we won’t arrange field operation in condition of limited operation time. It will loaded on the next day evening’s flight to CAN.

    3. For Sat cargo, SZT will adjust cut-off time by 12:30 due to customs early off duty on Sunday. Cargoes arrive before the cut-off will be d on Sat afternoon, and the late arrivals will be handled by next Monday morning only.

    4. If any customs inspection, the inspected pieces will be transported later after customs release.

    5. If any cargo request to reschedule flight after getting into the bonded warehouse, it will be detained in the bonded warehouse till SZT resend cargo information to the customs This process may take 0.5day, we appreciate customer’s well understanding to give us reasonable handling time.

    All above is only for your reference.

    Shanghai Zhongtai International Freight Forwarding Co.,Ltd

    28th March 2013

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