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      Shanghai International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. SZT is working on its development mission of Logisticalization, Informationalization, Networking, Internationalization, and keep improving its advantages on providing services of Air Transportation, Multimode Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics. Meanwhile, in order to satisfy the freight forwarding integration required by the modern international air freight market, SZT keep developing full-range freight forwarding service, such as customs declaration, CIQ, settlement accounts for freights and extras, insurance and inland transportation fee.

      Shanghai International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (hereafter as SZT) provides services in international transportation via Shanghai airport, inland transportation and ter flights. SZT has developed rapidly in the freight forwarding sector by maintaining strong and close business relationships with those big and esteemed domestic and foreign airlines respectively (such MU, CZ, CX, BR, HX, PR, VN, D7 and etc.); establishing worldwide air routes and sales network; SZT owned a business center in Pudong airport, providing excellent service to all the customers with experienced work team, advanced operation and management system. offering our services with high quality, credibility and integrity, safety and speed. We have our own and independent bonded warehouse under the supervision of Shanghai Customs Bureau, which is equipped with our own bonded trucks that may serve in warehousing, packing, bonded trucking, container loading and devanning; and near PVG we also have our own bonded inbond warehouse which is set up for short-term storage and quick pick up. By the help of these transportation facilities, we have extended our import service to the fields of urltra large goods, frozen goods and high-value goods.
      The export warehouse locates in Pudong airport with convenient transportation and well-equipped facilities, ensuring us to deliver a 24h service. Now SZT has gained a marvelous achievement in all aspects of the freight forwarding industry; won the respect and a good reputation from our clients for our excellence.

      SZT is a Class-A forwarding agent company approved by Chinese Commerce Ministry (originally called as Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation), , SZT always insists on providing high quality services by establishing an operating and consulting platform based on the International Standard and strictly follows ISO9002 to regulate its daily practices. Over the years, SZT comes out in front in transit declaration business at both Pudong and Hongqiao airports.

      Headquaters: F8/F,G,H, Jinghong Tower, No.508 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai China   Tel: 86-21-64412433
      Pudong Office: ZHONG TAI office building, row 4, row 5, second supervised storage area, no. 1279, HangCheng Road, PuDong new area   Tel: 86-21-33901700
      Airexport Warehouse: Zhong Tai (SZT) Warehouse, Zone A, General Cargo Area, No.180 Ji Chang Avenue, Ji Chang Town, Pu Dong, Shanghai Tel: 86-21-33789083 33789084 Fax:86-21-50178910
      Air Import Warehouse: No.1003 Yi, Logistics Second Supervised Warehouse, No. 1279 Hang Cheng Road, Pu Dong, Shanghai   Tel: 86-21-68354211
      Shanghai ICP for 05014683   Copyright: Shanghai Zhongtai International Freight Forwarding Co.,Ltd     Powered by : cn7080


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      Whole-hearted service
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